Bossman Birdie – Bison 2 Lyrics

November 12, 2017
[Verse 1: Bossman Birdie] Watch close for the fake and devious
Act like they don’t know you
Whenever the opps wanna try make features
Some Judas, a pree dis
Can’t catch me
We’re not sleepers
On job can’t give man the jeepers
I’ll run up on you on the creepers
And duppy that like my features

Spit truth when you hear me through the speakers
Bloodline – I’m my brother’s keepers
Same man I used to go on eats with
Same man I used to bun down heat with
Same man I used to bust that heat with
I won’t say too much cah dem tings secrets
Try and ride this wave you’ll get sea sick
Nuff man talk bout trap but ain’t seen it (wasteman)

Man are shepherds not sheep
I told them you won’t catch me, I lead
Man don’t deal in deceipt
Man-a-man’s a winner and that
Man don’t deal in defeat
Everything I touch I fleek
Turn your girl to a freak
She won’t come back
Won’t want to leave
Cause you ain’t one of these
Dem man ah all wannabes

I am the source
Tell them man get lost
They’re all washed
They’re not us
Just when you think I fell off
Come through with the top off (shining)

They thought they were the boss
Still ain’t paid that cost
Still ain’t took no loss (no loss)
Man’s trying to rise to the top like froth
Cut from a different cloth (different)

You’re not a boss cause you’re wearing Hugo
Don’t give a shite who you know
Let off the ting
Kick back worse than judo
All this talk about trap
They ain’t got a clue though
I’ve been wicked on mics before you were new though
S-So I don’t care about your two flows
Only bad when them man in the studio

Man better cool though
Send man Gangster’s Paradise, Coolio
Don’t know who dem man trying to fool though
All that fugazi ain’t cool bro
Man better act like they all know

Take your side chick make two porno
Fling on the mask, start move like Zorro
Dem man are doughnuts, sweet like churro
Man a chase pounds and man a make euro
And that’s a plural

Wicked on mic from a fifteen year old
Man have been up and man have been real low
But man still glow
Cah man’s trill though
Sick with the verse
Yeah yeah that’s the ill flow

N17 where the mandem still sho
Kick down doors like man a wear steel-toe
These MC’s ain’t built how I’m built though
Dem man are fakes, dicks, dildos

Faze Miyaki