Cam’ron – Other Side Lyrics

November 11, 2017
[Chorus: Sen City] I can show these hoes the other side
Where these niggas spend they rent
Give these bitches them hood dreams
New Coupe so I show the lean
I can teach you bout the other side
When they shake it we blow it
Grab those clips up and load em’
Can’t find your bitch we the ones they going to

[Verse 1] I grew up around the animals
The cannibals and hannibals
So if I act up understand its understandable
My father died from AIDS
And nowhere was his health
I don’t care fuck him he left me to fend for myself
He smoked angel dust
And my kitchen was funky
Tried to tell me what to do
I don’t listen to junkies
Two pieced him at Nana crib his tooth was broke
Then start selling the shit my momma used to smoke
It ain’t easy here
Trust me it get greasy here
And I ain’t got no grease for my peezy hair
My uncle Bill the Thrill
Tried to get me to box
But my uncle called
He would get me them Glocks
My uncle Ted though
He would get it in flocks
My uncle Steve robbed banks and he shot at the cops
Caught the murder charges
Attempts too
This is what I can do

[Chorus] [Verse 2] Ain’t nobody pulling no book out
Before we book we book out
My niggas shoot up don’t cook out
This barber steal my look now
[?]is still my partner
Sug is still my stickman
Bret is still my barber
In other words my hitman
He’ll clip a nigga
You know click the trigger
It gets no bigger
You beg to differ
I’ll rip a nigga
Flip a nigga
Let the coroner
Zip the zipper
We don’t murder cats
44 long, ever heard of that?
I’m swerving back to MIA
I need some of that Turbo Tax
Sak pase!
My Haitians let me eat
That home invasion shit
Don’t ever go to sleep
In my pocket though
Fuck the hired, I’ll take shorty for that short stay
She ain’t beef
She ain’t never mad
That’s the best three hours that she ever had
Murder charges
Attempts too
This is what I can do