Cyhi The Prynce – Free Lyrics

November 14, 2017

Anyone can finish scribing this if they want. I gotta go…

[Bible Verse] “For he that is dead is free from sin.”
– Romans 6:7

[Intro] (Free)
Mic check, one, two

[Verse 1] I’m just a young man from Stone Mountain, Georgia
Failed every class, I flunked out before the
Eleventh grade, they told me I had a disorder
[?] So I learned to break a zone down to quarters
Had a crush on Crystal like Urkle had on Laura
I told her God is my attorney
I never go to court without my lawyer, huh
So hit me up when you (free)
I guess my decorum didn’t match my aura
[in progress…] [Verse 2] [in progress…] [in progress…]