Da$H – As If You Ain’t Know Lyrics

November 22, 2017
[Hook x23] As if you ain’t know

[Verse] Yeah, it’s that nigga you hated
Know who it is by the cadence
Pulled up, they know I’m sedated
They said I never would make it
No I can’t fuck with no plain jane
Sippin’ codeine on the plane mang
Most of my niggas still gang bang
Showed up and you’d think a [?] Ordinary with the extra
Know the work by the texture
Met the plug and I finessed him
Fucked your hoe, I didn’t text her
Got the neck, I didn’t call
I ain’t living for tomorrow
Bitch was only getting borrowed
Money drowning out my sorrows
Habits make me act erratic
I’m a trapper by the static
I’m addicted to the drama
Keep a semi automatic
I’m the livest and the [?] Ducking warrants for my price
Swear they ain’t getting high
I’m the one your bitch admire
In the foreign, do the dash
I’m just hoping I don’t crash
Cause I never had a license
Cops pull me over, I’m sliding
Dolla, know me as the wildest
Played that hoe cause I was childish
Niggas talking rah-rah shit
But they never ever tried shit
Boolin’ back, bicking it on the block
I was getting chopped when niggas was not
Now a nigga on his way to the top
Always wanted to go wig me a cop
Need cook, bust the [?] for the
If that pussy talking he can get popped
Zombie tips’ll knock his brain out the top
Nigga talking like he wanted that smoke
Choppers spit and made his ass to convulse
Your bitch my freak, my dick needa elope
Swear that your whole fucking clique is a hoax
So we gon’ take you for jokes
Hoe, don’t you need you a coat
Eating cheese, cheddar, [?] Act like your ass didn’t know

[Hook x23] As if you ain’t know