Icarus The Owl – The Renaissance of Killing Art Lyrics

November 23, 2017

My colossal waste of time outside of the concert halls, I have been a fraud
They look the same to me; it’s the renaissance of killing art, but no one gives a fuck

Cold, oscillating brain; fingers in the ground
They lended me technology and now I’ve got to leave
Souls shattered on the bones of previous unknowns
Cauterize the bloody mess and churn one out for me

Plastic smiles; self-destructive sycophants. Do it and do it again

Consummate in the car. Could you dig me out of this hole? Can you get me out of this?
What’s the point of all of these shows? What’s the point of all this?
I thought the line did not exist. I thought I was meant for it – Incidentally, so did you
I’m nervous and I cannot move