Ivan Ave – Monitor Lyrics

November 14, 2017

Uh, 1 2
[Verse] Whole squad up in the monitor
Put my hating ass self down low for a minute
[?] paths give that a little boost
Got some shit from the past you can put on mute
Little less too playful
Little less talk in my ear I hear through the spacesuit
A little more, more better
A little more juice than a grapefruit
Shout out to my toothpaste too, I ain’t done squeezing
Sun beaming on my flesh while I blast by
My pair of Clyde’s fresh like I’m paralysed
Pair of dimes push up again[?] like pantomines
A little more handling mileage, scroll up the [?] Critics say they din’t get it, I say it’s mutual
She said she can’t wait to get it, I say it’s mutual
My brother said “I owe you”, I said it’s love
Without you, won’t make it past lunch
Let’s eat