Louis Cato – Anymore Lyrics

November 20, 2017

I was made to learn that certain things are true,
thunder wrapped in lightning, yellow and green make blue
Up until tonight I would have said me and you
but I guess it don’t make sense anymore
No I guess it don’gt make sense anymore

Searching through the landscape so beyond your eyes
was all it took to make me feel with you I could fly
But I had yet to learn the laws of gravity applied
Even still it don’t make sense anymore
Even still it don’t make sense anymore

What I wouldn’t give, for some reason
Is there anything, I could have done to keep you here?
Picking up the pieces of things not meant to be
Trying to trust the logic, spend some time on me
And someday hope the answers are finally come to see
In looking back on what makes sense, hopefully
In retrospect I’ll find the path, eventually
In looking back you will make sense, hopefully