BB/Jimmy Wallace

I gotta warn ya babe this may change everything

And I wouldn’t blame you for walking out

When you hear what I have to say

This was supposed to be

A temporary thing

But might I persuade you not to go

You will be loved

(Cause that’s all I have to give baby)

You will be loved

Now who’d ever thought this would be so wonderful?

Cause we’ve both had heartaches baby

And I know you still feel vulnerable

But if you put your trust in me

I’ll come by it honestly

Cause there’s just no way I could lie to you

Oh I’m telling you the truth

You will be loved

(That’s all I wanna do baby)

You will be loved

(If you want me to, if you want me to baby)

You will be loved

(If you wanna be)

Bridge: I’ll give you patience

I’ll give you tenderness

I’ll give you my heart

Like my life depends on it

I’ll give you the best part

Don’t care what the stakes are

I’ll risk it all just to build you up