Reuben Vincent – 6 A.M. Lyrics

November 20, 2017
[Intro] Gimme the world, gimme it all right now
Gimme the world, gimme it all right now
I got nothing to lose, I cannot fall right now
Nothing to lose, I cannot fall–
Alarm clock rings
Wake up, wake up
Wake up, wake up
C’mon man, wake up!
Aye Reuben, wake up
Young boy, wake up!
Black boy, wake up!

[Verse 1] Morning, six am, I gotta wake up
Early bird gets the worm early boy get your cake up
Take a look in the book where we ask father save us
People shook by my skin so they just gonna hate us
Say we crooks, we vessels to this mother loving culture
Who y’all? My only idols is Jay and Jehovah
I might, pop like colas, or flop like 99
Nas on Nastradamus,a legend but I’m just honest
I’m probably the best thing since Ye drop outta college
But truth be told, no one touching my content
Truth be told, God wrath a man can’t hold
These false prophets claiming they Gods is very bold
For the strippers and Gs, the birds and the bees
The Red and Blues to unify these streets
We all bleed the same blood just a color difference
And cops is like the biggest thugs cause they don’t rock with iggas, dang

[Boogie Down Productions Sample] Woo! Woo! That’s the sound of the police
Woo! Woo! That’s the sound of the police

[Verse 2] Can’t get stopped my man, the streets need me
Can’t stoop down to your level you can’t see me
Ooooh I feel like Stevie, in the key of life
I’m asking to God to increase me, hotter than July
Hell is, nah, heaven wasn’t hard to find
Earl Simmons and Pac voice is haunted inside my mind
I’m still tryna find out what real even defines
And Tommy still gon’ try to hill figures from mines
Poetry that’s a part of me, green glory and God to me
Is my big priorities, all y’all sound odd to me
I put that on my momma B
And yo momma and your girl love me
So that’ the reason you not fond of me
But nine times outta ten I’m still prevailing
The thunder couldn’t hold I’m starting to feel like Kevin
I’m a warrior, scorching I got no time for Durandoms
Cause when it time for battles these dudes go Danny Phantom
Thank God for rap, God blessing the trap
It’s all love cause see the obstacles as blacks
Be tiring so when I’m in the booth I just be firing
At any of you bustas who just be desiring
To end my reign, y’all get shattered like window pane
Chasing dollas like the cover of the group Cobain
Was in, my pen traces over these songs
Know I won’t be working this graveshift for long
Prove to y’all I’m the baddest, salvation with savage
When I blow my girl won’t ever treat me like I’m an average
Heard your boys sour like pickles cause I’m the dill
I’m eating healthy now so all I need is the cabbage uh
Nike hoodie just to keep my face anonymous
Youth days was haunted by vocals up on 2pacalypse
Go out in a smoke uh, go out in a blaze
Ya’ll be amazed but first I gotta just make it out this maze and I’m saying